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 Human rights ngo -human rights activists - human rights ngos.. 
The role of  ngo -human rights activists - human rights ngos is protecting human rights


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Human rights ngo - activists -  ngos.
The role of  ngo - activists -  ngos is protecting human rights.
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  The world bank says that that  ngo or ngos are  right activists. ( ngo or ngos :human right activists) pursue activities  to relieve human suffering and promotes the human rights interests of the poor. ( ngo or ngos :human right activists) protect the environment , provide basic social services to needy humans or undertake society development. (ngo or ngos : activists) are now being perceived the power vehicle of change and development. across the world. Human right of United nation has recognized  the crucial role of  ngo or ngos : activists  in shaping opinion of matters relating to human rights protection and enforcement of human right.  the Vienna declaration  of 1993 reiterated the need to extend government and government organization support and closely work with Human right ngo or ngos : activists).  this will push through the social and economic programmers  of human rights charter of declarations.   Uk based  ngo or ngos : activists) are working for the release of political prisoners  throughout the world. Another  ngo or ngos : activists) that is  international committee of red cross is reputed ngos of the world.  This  ngo or ngos : activists)  has consultative status , which means Human right conventions and other human right commissions of various state member are consulting it  on matters relating to human right under article 71 of the human rights un .charter.

( ngo or ngos :activists)  is the best medium for disseminating various development programmed of government and government organization. Human right ngo or ngos : activists) provide quick and relevant feed back on human right violations and pursued government organization towards moderation. The limited size of  ngo or ngos operation ensure efficiency and immediate accountability to the target groups.

 ngo or ngos : activists) contribute significantly to the united nations human right program..  ngo or ngos  / activists serve as unique source of information, assist in identification and drafting of new conventions, setting human rights standards and promoting human rights education at non-formal level.  ngo or ngos :human rights activists) generally focus attention on some specific facets of human right problems..

 ngo or ngos : activists) in developing country  work at grass roots where they develop intimate knowledge of local inspiration. However Human right ngo or ngos  in developing country  have the opportunity  to exchange experience. There is greater  need for greater integration and linkage between human right activists , human rights educationist, human rights jurists and human rights government organization.

Name of some Famous  activists  / Ngos.

Famous  activists / Ngo or Group of NGos
 Afghan  activists :Dr. Sima Samar,  is the Chairperson of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission  Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Sudan.

 American  activists :Sharon Sayles Belton  is an American community leader, politician and  human rights activist
 Canadian  activists :Alfred Alan Borovoy is a Canadian lawyer best known as the general counsel of the Canadian Civil rights activist.
 German  activists :Rüdiger Nehberg, (born 4 May 1935) is a German human rights activist
 Indian  activists :Ayinoor Vasu  is a well known Human rights activist and most respected trade unionist in Kerala, India
 Iranian  activists :Golbarg Bashi is an Iranian-Swedish feminist academic and human rights activist
 Iraqi  activists :Dr. Kamal Sayid Qadir is a Kurdish human rights activist with Austrian citizenship
 Sri Lankan  activists :Nimalka Fernando is an attorney-at-law and women’s rights activist from Sri Lanka

Human rights ngo - activists -  ngos.
The role of  ngo -s activists -  ngos is protecting human right.

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