Human Rights Online: Right resources: .Reports ,  resources, rights council, constitution Right,  political Right , human Right council, affiliate program etc.
Resources 1: Definition    Online right definition  and related reports of Ngo and activists on abuses, torture to child and women ;constitution Right , political Right  freedom Right etc
Resources 2:  Reports on Discrimination 
  Right reports of Ngo and  activists  on  discrimination to child and discrimination  to women ,discrimination  in education Right , discrimination in freedom Right ,discrimination in constitution Right etc.
Resources 3: Special  - child - children's rights reports. Right reports of Ngo and  activists of  resources on
 definition of child Right - discrimination in child Right , .child torture abuses  , child education   protection etc.
Resources 4:   Images reports   Affiliate program. of   right images  that opened my eyes to freedom rights images ,constitution Right images, political Right images ,women human Right images, freedom images , terrorism images etc
Resources 5: Protection reports. :Right reports of Ngo and  activists  on Protection of human Right from human Right council and international human Right commission on abuses of political rights , constitution rights and women's human Right etc..
Resources 6:   article reports : Affiliate program. on Human Right articles  , universal declaration  given in human rights 1948 ..
Resources 7: United Nations list member states reports   :  universal declaration  definition, international human Right commission - human rights commission - international Right definition etc accepted by  member states on list of United Nations. .
Resources 8 :  special procedures reports .  Human Right council special  Procedures mandate & How special procedures has links to human Right council , education , protection from  abuses, torture , terrorism etc?
Resources 9: Online  Picture reports  Affiliate program. of  right picture  resources which report environmental human Right of Future , Right protection picture, freedom picture, terrorism protection picture, women and child protection picture etc.
Resources 10:  Civil  and Political rights reports : Reports of Ngo and  activists  right on  Civil and Political Right on Right violation , women Right , child Right , political Right , constitution Right , freedom Right etc..
Resources 11: United Nations  monitor  Reports of Ngo and  activists  on United Nations organization,  How United Nations has links to human Right declaration ,council , education?  
Resources 12: Human rights council -   Council. : Reports of Ngo and  activists on council definition & un human Right council and  protection are here.

  Resources 13: Constitution rights  of human rights Reports on Constitution Right  for protection from abuses and torture to women  and child  and political Right of all humans.

 Resources 14:  Reports Ngo, Ngos and activists   Report on  Ngos - human Right activists and names of famous  Ngo / activist  accepted by human Right council and human rights commission.
Resources 15 -reports education-courses
  Repots on human Right books and  education courses ,classes and online human rights training classes ,books and courses. ..

Resources 16 : reports peace store : Welcome to Human Right for peace in Stores in your spirit by showcasing the culture of peace store.

 Resources 17:  Abuses   Human Right abuses - . What is abuses of human rights? How can the human rights violation be prevented?
  Resources  :  links discrimination discrimination resources   

Resources 18: online  newspaper   affiliate program online - right  News of human rights from Council newspaper, commissions newspaper, Ngos  newspaper, activists newspaper and leading newspaper relating Human Rights discrimination.
 Resources 19:  repot on China 
   online resources   in China and its cooperation on human rights  in Afghanistan , Nepal,  Burma, Us and European Union etc. 

  Resources 20: African  :  Africa.   Reports   in Africa from Nga and activists of right information  on human rights education ,women human rights
Resources 21: report on European .
   Right reports   in European union on freedom rights , constitution rights , education rights etc

Resources 22:  report on Afghanistan    Reports of Ngo and  activists of human rights on Afghanistan towards  abuses, violation of human rights  and education and protection by human rights commission

 Resources 23: World /Global   detailed  reports of Ngo and  activists of human rights on each state of world such as Burma human rights  European human rights, human rights Nepal , Afghanistan human rights ,us human rights - human rights us,Iraq human rights

Resources 24: report on violation be prevented How can the human rights violation be prevented?

Resources  25: report on Universal Declaration : Human Rights Online aims to propagate Universal declaration of human rights - universal rights.


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