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Abuse issues - right to information Reports on Human Rights in Indonesia 
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 Online program to promote issues of law and reports on abuse of human rights in Indonesia

Indonesia general information report.
The total number of human living in the world  of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are about 6500 million  . The human  of Indonesia Continent is close to 272 Million of which human of Indonesia are about  234.3 million. Indonesia  represent broad culture of different , languages,  and lifestyles, which require human rights protection.. Indonesia represent systems of government very broad Republic. Indonesia is the small economy in Indonesian Continent ..Indonesia general information report it has State capital  Jakarta . Indonesia right report of basic languages is Indonesian, 300 regional languages  . Indonesia people Major religion report is:  Islam    .Indonesia are failing to provide Education  free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages as committed in UN Charter of Human Rights, 1948. Failing to provide Technical and professional University for higher education  equally accessible to all on the basis of merit as accepted in Universal Declaration of Human Rights... Indonesia is also failing to provide basic human rights for political stability. Being Islamic, deny  equal human rights to Women, deny  equal human rights to Women for education, deny  equal human rights to other religion. Abuse of children and women are more common in Indonesia

Right general information report of Indonesia :Indonesia  is Spread across a chain of thousands of islands between Asia and Indonesia. Indonesia has the world's largest Muslim human being. Indonesia Capital: Jakarta is center of many Muslim University and Muslim culture center. Indonesia and it Capital: Jakarta support more than 300 local languages. Indonesia and it Capital: Jakarta people range from rural hunter-gatherers to a modern urban elite.

Indonesia has seen human rights turmoil in recent years after the fall of President Suharto after 32 years in office, , independence demands from restive provinces, human rights violations caused by bloody ethnic and religious conflict and a devastating tsunami. After Japan's wartime occupation ended, independence was proclaimed in Indonesia in1945 by Sukarno, the independence movement's leader. The Dutch transferred sovereignty in 1949 after an armed struggle and great human rights violations. Long-term leader General Suharto came to power in the wake of an abortive coup in 1965, after human rights violations. He imposed authoritarian rule while allowing technocrats to run the economy with considerable success. But his policy of allowing army involvement in all levels of government, down to village level, fostered corruption and violation of human rights. Post-Suharto Indonesia has made the transition to democracy. Power has been devolved away from the central government and the first direct presidential elections were held in 2004.

But the country faces demands for independence in several provinces, where secessionists have been encouraged by East Timor's 1999 success in breaking away after a traumatic 25 years of occupation. Militant Islamic groups are violating human rights over the past few years. Some have been accused of having links with  al-Qaeda organisation, including the group blamed for the 2002 Bali bombings which killed 202 people , Indonesia is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A powerful undersea quake in late 2004 , left more than 220,000 Indonesians dead or missing


Right general information report :Human rights are for human life in a Member State of the United Nations (UN). Indonesia joining the United Nations has been accepted since 28-09-1950. So foundation of human rights in Indonesia was in the year 1946 and now, Indonesia is one of the 192 UN member states. Thus, Indonesia has committed itself to respect human rights to peace and security of its people and promote social progress and better standards of life in Indonesia, increasing human rights Indonesia. . As members of the United Nations, Indonesia is to make the legal system of human rights in Indonesia to attend to complaints of human rights, or when you are not satisfied, talk to a judicial system for complaints relating to human rights at UN level.

Right information report based on US Departments Reports, and Amnesty International and many local human rights activists is that implementation of declaration on many articles is mere formality and administration human rights record remained poor although there were improvements.  Human rights of child for education and human rights of women for dignity as given in declaration of human rights are repeatedly violated by police administration itself .Child human rights, Disability human rights, Housing human rights, employment human rights, Refugee human rights, Reproductive Rights, Trafficking human rights are repeatedly being violated and there is no check over it, by administration and adequate redresses system is not available. Domestic media and local human rights activists Right information report available online is that that police use of excessive force For further Human right information report Contact Human Rights Commission Indonesia

Abuse issues - right to information Reports on Human Rights in Indonesia 
 Online program to promote issues of law and reports on abuse of human rights in Indonesia

Free Human rights  program online information report is designed to guide the children of their rights to play, rights  to be properly dressed, rights at the basic information report, rights basic health care and food. Human rights program online information report  is designed to guide you, you human rights to freedom from abuse and torture . Human rights  program online information report  is designed to guide you, you human rights to gender equality and racial equality, human rights have a family, human rights to have a home and its right availability information report, human rights to a nationality, human rights to go wherever you like , human rights to have information report etc. Online human rights to promote information report act: Promoting human rights and provides information report on issues of human rights of the man of the Indonesia in Indonesian Continent. Right information report of declaration of human rights: Right information report of Organization of Indonesian Continent Unity: Right information report of Human Rights Conventions : Right information report of Optional Protocols for these Conventions: Right information report to invoke their human rights etc. Indonesia people have right to have right information report of court of human rights ,list of human rights ,repeated violation of human rights ,history of human rights

Abuse issues - right to information Reports on Human Rights in Indonesia 
 Online program to promote issues of law and reports on abuse of human rights in Indonesia
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