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 Online program to promote issues of law and reports on abuses of human rights in Bahrain


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Abuse issues - right to information Reports on Human Rights in Bahrain .
 Online program to promote issues of law and reports on abuses of human rights in Bahrain

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Bahrain general information report.
The total number of human living in the world  of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are about 6500 million Africa . The human  of Asia is close to 4000 million of which human of Bahrain   are about  791,000 Bahrain    represent  culture of Muslim  and lifestyles enthic, which require human rights protection.. Bahrain   represent systems of government very broad Kingdom of Bahrain. Bahrain   is the good economy in Asia ..Bahrain   general information report it has State capital  Manama  . Bahrain   right report of basic languages is  Arabic . Bahrain  people Major religion report is: Islam .Bahrain   provide Education  free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages as committed in UN Charter of Human Rights, 1948. Bahrain provide Technical and professional University for higher education  equally accessible to all on Muslim of merit ... Bahrain   provide basic human rights for political stability. . Abuse of human rights of children and women are not reported  in Bahrain  as in other neighbors.

Right general information report of Bahrain:

Bahrain - a chain of around 30 islands - is a haven for tourists from the region, who take advantage of its relaxed social environment. Bahrain , close ally of the US, it is home to the American navy's Fifth Fleet. Bahrain  is first states in the Gulf to discover oil and to build a refinery; as such, it benefited from oil wealth before most of its neighbors. This helped economic human rights of its people. Bahrain never reached the levels of production enjoyed by Kuwait or Saudi Arabia and has been forced to diversify its economy.  Bahrain people have rights to independence from Portugal in 1602. Bahrain gained independence rights from Persia in 1783 .. Bahrain got Independence from the United Kingdom in 1971. But people of Bahrain are still far from true independence of the rights - are governed by constitutional monarchy of King Hamad bin Khalifa Al one. Bur Bahrain small population is 791,000. Bahrain people speak Arabic and are called Bahraini and have good human rights record.

As in Gulf Daily News, 11 July 2008. Bahrain has signed a five-point action plan with the United Nations that aims to put
human rights at the top of the agenda. The United Nations will provide support to Bahrain project to create a Human Rights Commission in the context of an action plan signed by five points in 2008.
Bahrain project of human rights includes the compilation of a database that surround the controversial issue of rights in order to improve transparency and promote awareness of the rights of civil liberties in Bahrain. Bahrain project on Human Rights has a commitment to Bahrain to meet the commitments to sign and implement treaties of human rights and conventions of human rights included in its report on 'universal periodic review, presented in his election to the UN Human Rights. But human rights commission Bahrain is still merely on paper.

Human rights are for human life in a Member State of the United Nations (UN). Bahrain joining the United Nations has been accepted since 21-09-1971. So foundation of human rights in Bahrain was in the year 1946 and now, Bahrain is one of the 192 UN member states. Thus, Bahrain has committed itself to respect human rights to peace and security of its people and promote social progress and better standards of life in Bahrain, increasing human rights Bahrain. . As members of the United Nations, Bahrain is to make the legal system of human rights in Bahrain to attend to complaints of human rights, or when you are not satisfied, talk to a judicial system for complaints relating to human rights at UN level.

Bahrain Guidance information report.

The 22 member States of the League of Arab States was adopted by the Council of the League of Arab States on 23 May 2004 and affirms the principles contained in the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenants on Human Rights and the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam. It has been in force since 15 March 2008.  Right information report is that it has number of traditional human rights as provided for, including the right to liberty and security of persons, human rights for equality of persons before the law, human rights for protection of persons from torture, the right to own private property, human rights for primary education, human rights for higher technical education and human rights for freedom of peaceful assembly and association. The Charter also provides  Committee of Experts on Human Rights to consider States' reports. The Bahrain being member of League of Arab States, and thus has made binding League of Arab commitments to adhere to the standards laid down in these universal human rights documents. The inhabitants of Bahrain and their representatives are able to invoke their human rights through Arabic Commission of Human Rights, created by 22 member States of the League of Arab States of which Bahrain is member. All inhabitants of Bahrain may turn to the UN Human Rights Committee through Council of the League of Arab States  procedure for violations of specific human rights .Right information report  is that Bahrain has as yet not joined the International Criminal Court.
Right information report based on US Departments Reports, and Amnesty International and many local human rights activists is that implementation of declaration on many articles is mere formality and administration human rights record remained poor although there were improvements.  Human rights of child for education and human rights of women for dignity as given in declaration of human rights are repeatedly violated by police administration itself .Child human rights, Disability human rights, Housing human rights, employment human rights, Refugee human rights, Reproductive Rights, Trafficking human rights are repeatedly being violated and there is no check over it, by administration and adequate redresses system is not available. Domestic media and local human rights activists Right information report available online is that that police use of excessive force resulted in killings.

Abuse issues - right to information Reports on Human Rights in Bahrain
Online program to promote issues of law and reports on abuse of human rights in Bahrain

Free Human rights  program online information report is designed to guide the children of their rights to play, rights  to be properly dressed, rights at the basic information report, rights basic health care and food. Human rights program online information report  is designed to guide you, you human rights to freedom from abuse and torture . Human rights  program online information report  is designed to guide you, you human rights to gender equality and racial equality, human rights have a family, human rights to have a home and its right availability information report, human rights to a nationality, human rights to go wherever you like , human rights to have information report etc. Online human rights to promote information report act: Promoting human rights and provides information report on issues of human rights of the man of the Bahrain in Asia. Right information report of declaration of human rights: Right information report of Organization of Asian Unity: Right information report of Human Rights Conventions : Right information report of Optional Protocols for these Conventions: Right information report to invoke their human rights etc. Bahrain people have right to have right information report of court of human rights ,list of human rights ,repeated violation of human rights ,history of human rights

Abuse issues - right to information Reports on Human Rights in Bahrain.
 Online program to promote issues of law and reports on abuse of human rights in Bahrain
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